All of our classes incorporate some form of endurance, strength, and mobility work. The philosophy guiding this class design is centered on sustainable, balanced fitness. It’s about movement, moderation, and fun. We believe that this is the best approach to maintaining a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Our classes are designed so that clients can consistently take different class types each week and still achieve balance.

All Body


ROW’s cornerstone class that mixes High-Intensity Interval Training with strength and mobility work to provide balanced, comprehensive fitness.

All Body increases your endurance, strength and mobility in an efficient and effective 50 minute group class. A low impact, full-body workout that combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the erg, with strength and mobility work off the erg. This class burns calories and produces lean, toned muscles.

All Endurance


A class designed to build endurance with no impact on the knees or other joints. The core of this class is a high-intensity, interval-training based 30-minute rowing workout that takes place entirely on the erg. No rowing experience necessary.

All Endurance is designed for those looking to build their endurance. The core of this class is a high-intensity, interval-training based rowing workout that takes place entirely on the erg. This method offers clients a way to increase endurance with zero-impact to their bodies. Despite the heavy emphasis on rowing, no rowing experience is necessary for this class. Our trainers vary the format to keep it fun and interesting. In keeping with our philosophy, we allot time for mobility at the end of each class. All levels of fitness are welcome.



West U CrossFit is Houston’s first luxury CrossFit box specifically designed for those seeking a superior CrossFit experience.

Classes are expertly coached by a fully certified and experienced staff and capped at 10 people to ensure proper instruction, motivation, reduce risk and promote a sustainable, longevity based form of CrossFit programmed for an active, fit and balanced lifestyle that delivers maximum results.

West U CrossFit @ROWstudios will help you achieve peak physical condition through expertly structured programing and most importantly, an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. In addition to our attentive and educated staff, West U CrossFit also boasts Air Conditioning to beat the Houston heat, premium showers, digital lockers and other facilities to make our home yours before and after your workout.

West U CrossFit’s first priority is to improve the quality of life for its members through the relentless pursuit of improved overall health. WUCF is not “Competitive CrossFit”. WUCF is a sustainable, longevity based combination of endurance, strength and mobility programmed for mature clients. We still go hard but we do it safely and intelligently.

We have learned through empirical and scientific research that the CrossFit methodology of “constantly varied functional movement at high intensity” coupled with the basic tenets of diet and rest provides an outstanding framework to achieve peak fitness and health. Our attentive coaching, nutritional guidance, and individualized attention create the preventative approach to health that will quickly improve quality of life in and outside of our facility.

All Mobility


Created to improve the movement of your body and decrease your chances of injury. In this class you will work with a variety of tools and employ self myofascial release to ease tension in your muscles, learn to fire them when needed and lengthen to regain full range of motion.



This popular, 75-minute class combines a 30 minute All Endurance row followed by 45 minutes of restorative yoga. Power and Alignment – an empowering combination!

Open ROW


Can’t make it into one of our regular classes? Or just want to put on your headphones and row on your own? No coaches, no schedule, just you and the erg! This class is for you!

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