Burn over 1000 calories with our unique one-hour fitness kickboxing classes.

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Have you committed – or are you ready to commit – to getting or staying in shape? There’s no better place to get started than CKO Kickboxing South Charlotte. CKO is a kickboxing studio offering over 30 group classes per week which combines kickboxing combinations with conditioning drills for a total body workout. Located in South Charlotte our members live in Charlotte, South Charlotte, Pineville, Ballantyne, Matthews, Fort Mill and beyond. CKO South Charlotte is one of two locations in North Carolina with many more soon coming.

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At CKO Kickboxing, we’re proud to offer flexible memberships at very competitive rates. And the sooner you join our studio, the sooner you can start seeing results, thanks to the efficient and effective format which centers around high intensity interval training. You can relieve stress, get toned, have fun, and feel more confident in the way you look. YOUR TIME IS NOW!

If you’re just getting started with us, schedule a first trial class or learn more about the services our studio offers; call or stop in today.

Kickboxing Fitness Classes

If your ordinary workout session is beginning to feel a bit too routine, consider kickboxing as an exciting and results-driven alternative. More than just a combat sport, kickboxing is a full body workout which combines a variety of fighting styles and techniques, conditioning drills, and resistance training to give you a well-rounded and complete cardiovascular workout.

Some of the benefits of kickboxing include:

  • Improved balance
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • More flexible and agile
  • Confident and strong
  • Stress reduction, increased levels of serotonin
  • Hand-eye coordination


First time participants can reserve any of the classes marked as ‘Free Trial’. All classes, whether marked as CKO, CKO45 or Free Trial have the same structure. Members and Class Card holder can reserve any of the classes, regardless of the type.Triple Play participants can participate in any of the classes listed below.

Group Fitness In Charlotte, NC

Participating in a group fitness class is an excellent way to get into great shape. When you visit CKO of South Charlotte, our trainers and your group members will provide the motivation that you’ll need to stay focused on your goals.CKO of South Charlotte has affordable group fitness classes that will be perfect for your budget and your weight loss goals. Our community atmosphere is designed to keep you on track. To learn more about our programs, call and speak with one of our helpful staff members.


At CKO Kickboxing, our goal is to make your fitness experience as rewarding and convenient as possible. Our knowledgeable, dedicated team is ready to assist you and offer guidance on strike techniques and modifications so you get the most out of your individual workout. We also offer personal training custom-fit to your goals. And our variety of hours make working out at CKO easier than many studios in town.

CKO Kickboxing Classes

The Free Trial Class is available for first time CKO guests only. You can sign up directly through each club’s class schedule online or call the gym to get enrolled.Plan on arriving 15-20 minutes before class. We will register you and give you an orientation of the punches and kicks we use during class.Wear comfortable gym clothes (sweats, shorts, t-shirt and sneakers) and bring a bottle of water.The first class is FREE.You will need to wear protective boxing or martial arts gloves. Gloves are available for sale at each gym location.


If you’re stuck in the same exercise routine, you may enjoy the addictive kickboxing classes at CKO of South Charlotte. We’ll take your fitness to the next level and provide the motivation you’ll need to succeed. Contact our office to see when our next course is being held.